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Moly from Hackney

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  1. Jim

    Learning to drive wasn’t easy for me, I had a couple of instructors but never really got very far. I started with MARK at East London driving school and straight away I felt as though I was learning more. He helped to make me understand what I needed to to do in the simplest terms Which moved me on loads. I passed my test on my 2th attempt and East London driving school was great all the way through.Thanks

  2. Sammy

    East London Driving School was recommended to me by so many people and I am glad I took their advice. Even though I live in east London ,. I booked a block of 20 hours of lessons with east london driving school and they were worth every penny. ruman built up my confidence as I was an extremely nervous driver and he was always calm and understanding whenever I made any mistakes. He made the lessons as fun as possible and talked me through anything I didn\’t quite understand. I would highly recommend East London Driving School to anyone who wants to learn with reliable instructors who boost your confidence behind the wheel!

  3. Sammy
    Mile End

    I had been driving under supervision from my dad for a couple of weeks to gain a bit of confidence before I decided to take lessons. East London driving school had been recommended to me by a friend who had passed first time following lessons with him. I decided that I wanted to learn with abu at east London driving school, and he was aware that I had experience of driving but soon spotted the areas I had to work on. His instructions were clear and precise and put across in a very relaxed manner which made the lessons fun. He is very down to earth and easy to talk to and soon makes you feel comfortable under his supervision. I listened and learnt and also passed first time. I know abu should take a lot of credit for this as his teaching method is relaxed, straight forward and no time is wasted at all. Thanks East London driving school

  4. Ray

    “While learning to drive I had many problems with my previous driving school, but, when I called East London Driving School in barking and was then taught by ali I found my feet straight away. With ali I learnt all my maneuvers quickly and easily with his guidance, he is an easy going and patient teacher who got me through my test. If anyone was to ask me who they should learn to drive with I would recommend east London driving school and ali 100%. His teaching methods and patience make him one of a kind and he will no doubt get anyone through their test.”

  5. Rob

    Ali is easy to get along with, personable and very patient; he gave me extra practice in the areas that I needed the most work and helped me to get through my test stress free. I was an experienced driver that had been out of the country for some time and I needed to pass my UK test, which I did, with his help. If I had to do it again, I would definitely use East London driving school and have recommended them to all friends and everyone I know

  6. Garima
    Canary Wharf

    My driving instructor Abby was just phenomenal. She knew exactly what my faults were and helped me in overcoming those in a very short time span. I passed in first attempt with less than 20 hours of class! Though I have driven outside the UK for many years nevertheless it was a big challenge and all credit goes to Abby and Ali for recommending her! Highly recommended…

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