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Moly from Hackney

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  1. A.M Post author
    east london

    ’ve taken my lessons with Ali. He has helped me build my confidence on the road and I’ve passed with him first time. He is very friendly and he encouraged me a lot. Thanks Ali for the amazing lesson and great conversations and the boost of confidence.

  2. Thang
    East London

    I passed my test first time with only 5 minors. I only recieved 20 hours tuition and I felt confident that I had learned all I needed to pass my test with ease. Jamal focused on any faults that I had and not only told me what I was doing wrong but why it was wrong and how to correct it. Jamal took me passed the standard needed to pass the DSA driving test and gave me skills that I could drive any place now ,

  3. Chang

    I started with another driving school and failed my driving test with lots of minor and serious marks on my test sheet, then a friend recommended ali as passed first time with him. Ali explained what I was doing wrong and how to correct my driving. I feel that I learned more in 10 hours with east London driving school than I did the whole time with my other driving instructor and I passed my next test with only 3 minors!

  4. Tee

    I passed my test first time East London driving school. Abbey was a fantastic driving instructor, he made me feel comfortable and confident enough to take the driving test. Thanks you abbey

  5. Mark
    Tower Hamlets

    During my time as a learner I had a number of different teachers, and ali was certainly the best. An excellent temperament, good sound advice and I very much doubt you will find another Instructor of this quality that charges such a competative rate. Having already failed my test twice, I then received eight hours tuition from ali East London driving school and passed with 4 minors on my sheet. I like to think that I owe some of that result to the structured programme that EAST LONDON DRIVING SCHOOL follows.

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