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This code will help you drive safely in your first year after passing the driving test, when you are most vulnerable.

You should always follow the Highway Code. Try to follow these basic codes all time:

  1. It’s most dangerous driving at night – don’t drive between midnight and 6am unless it’s really necessary.
  2. Don’t let passengers distract you or encourage you to take risks – tell them that you need to concentrate on the road.
  3. Never show off or try to compete with other drivers, particularly if they are driving badly.
  4. Don’t drive if you’ve drunk any alcohol or taken drugs. Some medicines can affect your ability to drive safely – always read the warning on the label.
  5. Make sure everyone’s wearing a seat belt throughout the journey.
  6. Keep your speed down – especially on bends.Be very careful driving high-powered or sporty cars – even if you learnt to drive in one.
  7. You must have insurance - it’s an offence to drive without it.

You’ll lose your licence if you get 6 penalty points within 2 years of passing your first driving test. You’ll need to pass both tests again to get it back.