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And here’s how to do it:
Driver Checking rear view mirror

Always be aware of what’s going on around you

Remember your instruction

You paid for your instructor’s good advice. so don’t throw it away. Keep up the mirror/signal/manoeuvre routines and always anticipate what other drivers may do, even if they haven’t given a signal.

Keep up with The Highway code

It’s easy to forget what all those road signs and markings mean, so brush up regularly at
- tinyurl.com/2rvaah
- facebook.com/highwayCodeGB
- twitter.com/highwayCodeGB

Make enough time

Rushing brings out the worst. Set the alarm clock for ten minutes earlier.

Be mean with your money

Anyone can press a gas pedal. But it takes skill to take control of the pennies. It’s crazy to race to catch up with the car in front, only to then brake harder. You paid for that petrol and you’d have been behind that same car at the next lights anyway. Change gear less often, stay in higher gears a bit longer. and save money in the process.

Develop a critic’s eye

Don’t make the same mistakes others do. Note the good driving you see, be like the best. Say what you’re doing out loud. It can be a good way to highlight your dodgier decisions. It makes you think about planning ahead and it’s a great confidence booster. It’s best done without passengers though, unless its someone you want advice from.