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driving school in Leyton – Leytonstone - Walthamstow


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driving school in Leyton & Leytonstone, Walthamstow

Finding a good driving school can be a daunting subject when there are so many of them around but we can confidently say that we are one of the best ones around. So why do we think we are the premier driving school in Leyton & Leytonstone, Walthamstow well simply we are ONE AND ONLY ONLY DRIVING SCHOOL TO USE ALL OUR INSTRUCTORS ARE MINIMUM 5 YEARS EXPERIENCED!

Experienced & Skilled Instructor


We pride ourselves for having the most experienced instructors in our team who understand the difference, that not everybody has the same ability or can learn at the same pace, so all our trainings are catered to your needs. Special care and attention is given to those who are nervous and low in confidence to build their skills up step by step in your area . Leyton – Leytonstone - Walthamstow

Confidence driver Better driver


Nervous driver? Not to worry. Confidence can be taught – and as a driving instructor it is an essential skill to know how. A relaxed teaching environment is important, as is tailoring each lesson to suit your individual needs. In addition as a driving instructor my calmness and patience puts even the most nervous students at ease quickly.

Our local driving instructors have valuable knowledge on test routes, fully preparing you for anything that may crop up in your test. East London Driving School in Leyton – Leytonstone - Walthamstow , we pass on our wealth of experience to you, pushing you to the best of your ability helping you to become a safe and confident driver.

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