logodriving school east london

Reverse Parking

To reverse park car in confined space,
E.D.P with less help

What they have done. Junctions? Roundabouts? Pedestrians crossings?
What routine?

straight reverse, Clutch Control

MAIN POINTS - Why do it?


SPACE - 1 1/2 to 2 car

P.O.M. - Routine to move away
Signal is our reverse lights

M.S.M -Routine to pull up along side car / 1 metre away
Door mirror in line with front or back of car

P.O.M - Prepare car to reverse
Signal will be our reverse lights

O.B.S - All around RIGHT shoulder to LEFT
Look in direction of travel / mainly over left shoulder
Frequent forward checks / pedestrians / cars / we are the OBSTRUCTION

- Reverse back to ref point A / we will find it together
O.B.S - All around RIGHT shoulder
1 turn to LEFT ref point B / car swings out to RIGHT CAMBER?
Full RIGHT lock [ what is full lock? }
When car is in line with kerb
1 1/2 turns to LEFT to straighten wheels

Reverse Parking