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Cockpit Drill Control

Phase # 1 Continue: Mirror Settings

What is to give best possible view at rear and on side, So you can act upon what you see

When to check?

- Opening the car door
- Changing direction
- Turning left/Right

- Changing lane
- Overtaking

- Slowing down/stopping
- Accelerating

Difference between interior/door mirrors

Interior Mirror: Gives true picture
Door mirrors Gives small picture and shows further away than normal

To adjust mirrors, sit upright position

Check interior mirror by moving eyes only
If not seated properly may give different view at rear.

a) To adjust the interior minor ...see top of the rear window at the top edge of the mirror... adjust it so you can see both top corners of the window and also little of your head restrain.
Anti Dazzle....Show how to adjust if needed.

b) To adjust door mirrors.. .see little side of the ear, try to position the mirrors so that you can see the very top of the rear wheel arch at the bottom of the mirror. also you should he able to see clearly roof of the car behind you.

No explain about seat belt.