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Cockpit Drill Control

Phase # 1 Continue:

Foot Control:  Look down by your feet can you see three pedals. Start from right to Left which is...Accelerator/Foot brake and clutch....(ABC)

Cockpit Drill Control

Accelerator (Gas pedal)

a) What?
Gas pedal controls the speed of the engine. Pressing this pedal will make engine run faster or `(rev up)'. Which means the car travels fast or slow. Depending how you use the pedal.

Practice using the gas pedal

b) How?
Use Right foot, Try to keep heel on the floor, Cover the gas pedal, Gently press the pedal (just width of a pound coin). To pick up speed add more pressure (gently and progressively), To slow down gently ease off the pressure

My instruction would be: cover the gas/set gas/ little more gas (width Ј coin)/Off gas

Cockpit Drill Control

Foot Brake:

a) What:
The footbrake is used to slow or stop the car, or to hold it still for a few seconds. When foot brake is applied it works on all 4 wheels and the brake light comes on, which is form of a signal for slowing down or stopped.

Practice using the brake pedal

- Use right foot, Cover the brake
- With ball of your feet squeeze the pedal
- Gently first then add more pressure to stop
- To stop smoothly, ease of pressure just inch before stop (Gently and progressively)

My instruction would be: Cover brake/Gently brake/firmly brake/Ease off brake/Off brake

Why do you need to use right foot for brake and gas pedal
The reason is that you can either stop or go