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Cockpit Drill Control

Phase # 1: Cockpit Drill Control

Objective:  To adjust various setting of the car to suit you, and make sure that the vehicle is safe

Cockpit Drill Control

First cockpit drill

Doors/handbrake on gear in Neutral

If the doors not shut properly, it may open while driving
To close the door...Move leg/loose clothe away from the door

Seat/back rest/head restrain:

Cockpit Drill Control

- Left foot clutch down
- Knee slightly bent
- Seat...lever under the seat
- Back rest....lever on the left side
- Head restrain...Eyes centre at the head restrain
- Prevent from neck injury


What ... Prominent Control on the car, which alters the direction of the car (make sure wheel does not obscure speed metre if chin above the wheel.

How to adjust steering:
- Hold 12 o clock position
- Elbow slightly bent
- Adjust up and down

Cockpit Drill Control

Before putting seatbelt on adjust mirrors

Seat belt:

- Pull strap across your chest
- Strap firmly against body and hip
- Slack belt/twisted could cause chest or pelvic injury
- Seatbelt anchor .... 2 - 3 cm above shoulder
- Legal requirement
- Under 14 - drivers responsibility
- Over 14 - own responsibility but you should ask then to ware