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Cockpit Drill Control

Phase # 1 Continue: Clutch Control

Cockpit Drill Control

What is clutch?

The clutch connects the engine to the wheels through the gearbox and is operated by your left foot. There are three positions forthe clutch pedal: Down, 'biting point,' and fully up.

When the clutch pedal is down, the engine is separated from the wheels, so the car can stop while the engine keeps going. At this point if you need to change gear if required. You will be explained later when we come to gears.

The point at which the clutch plates touch in the engine is called 'biting point'. The exact position of biting point varies from car to car, but is usually about halfway. At this point the car is prepared to move.

If the clutch pedal is fully up. the engine and wheels are connected so anything that the engine does, such as going faster, will be transferred to the wheels.

Cockpit Drill Control

Practice using the clutch

With ball of your left foot, if possible keep heel on the floor press the clutch down quickly.
Smoothly clutch up My instruction would be:
a) Cover the clutch
b) Clutch down
c) Smoothly clutch up
d) Hold feet still
e) clutch up all the way

Ask is their any question related to foot control ? You will be explained more about Foot Control when doing Moving off and stopping.