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Cockpit Drill Control

Turning left

Use the MSM/PSL routine on approach.

Road position

Your road position should be well to the left, the nearside of your vehicle about 1 metre (3 feet) from the kerb.

Speed on approach

Left turns into minor. roads are often sharper than right turns.

Make sure you

  • slow down sufficiently
  • select the correct gear
or you could swing wide of the corner and finish up on the wrong side of the road.

Turn Left

Other vehicles
Watch out for vehicles

  • stopping to park, or parked, just before a left-hand junction
  • parked just around the corner
  • approaching in the side road.

Pedestrians and cyclists
You should

  • give way to pedestrians already crossing when you turn - they have priority
  • keep a special lookout for cyclists coming up on your left
  • take special care when crossing a cycle track or bus or cycle lane
  • make sure you don't cut in on a cyclist you have just overtaken.
Avoid steering too early or too sharply; a rear wheel might mount the kerb.

After the turn

  • Check in your mirrors so you know what's following you in the new road.
  • If it's safe to do so, speed up as you leave the junction.
  • Make sure your signal has cancelled.

Turn Left

Turning right

Use the MSM/PSL routine on approach

Road position

  • Move into position early when turning right. It helps other drivers.
  • Position yourself as close to the centre of the road as is safe, so that vehicles can pass on your left if there's room.
  • In a one-way street keep to the right- hand side of the road.

Speed on approach

Adjust your speed as necessary. Approach at a safe speed.

Oncoming traffic

  • Watch out for oncoming traffic, especially motorcycles and bicycles which are less easily seen.
  • Watch particularly for vehiclesovertaking oncoming traffic.
  • Stop before you turn if you have any doubt about being able to cross safely.

Emerging vehicles
Watch for vehicles waiting to emerge from the minor road.

Give way to pedestrians already crossing the minor road. They have pribrity.


  • Look carefully for anything that could prevent you entering the minor road safely and leave you exposed on the wrong side of the road, risking a serious accident.
  • You MUST NOT cross to the other side of the centre line until you are sure you can enter the minor road safely.

While you are Turning

  • Don't cut the corner.
  • Don't accelerate fiercely. Your engineshould be just pulling as you turn.