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Here at East London driving school we believe in offering you the widest choice of tuition available, recently we have had a number of inquiries regarding automatic tuition, so we have responded to your needs...

Why choose an automatic car?

Automatic cars take less time to learn to drive than manual vehicles, this can be of benefit to those who wish to learn quickly and those who have found difficulty in driving manual vehicles with gear selection or clutch problems.

Automatic cars have only two pedals, the accelerator and the footbrake. Both pedals are operated by your right foot, therefore eliminating the need for you to worry about gear changes, the car decides when to change gear leaving you to concentrate on the road without needing to think about controlling a clutch and thinking about which gear to select. In an automatic car you do not use your left foot at all. But best of all . and this is the beauty of automatics.

Tried manual lessons and don't seem to be getting anywhere?

Have you had problems and difficulty
learning to drive?

Have you already failed one or more manual tests and lost your confidence?

If you can answer yes to any of the above questions you may wish to consider the alternative, how about an automatic. Years ago automatics were frowned upon but not anymore, you can buy almost any model of car these days in an automatic.

People who have failed tests on the following faults may benefit from driving an automatic.

Moving off under control

Faults causing rough moving away, stalling or rolling back on hills. - Usually caused by poor balance or co ordination of clutch, gas and handbrake.

Gear Faults

Failure to select, wrong selection, coasting, looking down at the gear lever or poor steering control whilst gear changing.


Control. - Failure to maintain co-ordination with foot controls to keep the vehicle moving slowly enough to obtain the steering accuracy required.


Avoiding undue hesitancy. - Waiting when it is safe to proceed at junctions and roundabouts. When caused by lack of ability to move away quickly enough or the lack of confidence in being able to move away without stalling even though a gap is clearly safe to proceed in.

Using an Automatic vehicle basically eliminates the above faults.